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How to be Anonymous Using a Nexus Tablet

Share this: I, like many people, usually hit the coffee shop early in the morning to relax before work. Also, like most other people, I’m doing things on my tablet (a Nexus 7) as I’m enjoying my cup of Joe. Even though I live in a pretty safe suburb, I always worried about how secure […]


Bring More Success to your Business with VPN Technology

Share this: When a business grows, there is potential of needing multiple shops or office buildings in your country or even across the globe. In order to carry out business as efficiently as possible; employees and employers need fast, reliable means of communication. This is specifically important for computer networks and phone calls, traveling employees […]


Best VPN Service that I’ve Tried and Tested

Share this: My job as a researcher requires me to spend hours on the internet, surfing various websites, writing reports and downloading photographs. I could do this for hours, but only if I can always access all the websites that I need in order to complete my research.  However, there are some websites that have […]

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Without a VPN, You’re Not Safe Online

Share this:You likely have anti-virus software. Hopefully you have a firewall, too. But are these enough to protect your identity online? Unfortunately, no. Anti-virus prevents and detects dangerous computer viruses, but it does nothing to keep your identity and data secure when you’re working in an online environment. A firewall is vital to guard data […]